Ultimate Cat Grooming Glove

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With this Cat Grooming Brush, you can groom your cat without having to risk life and limb just to get them in the water. This brush and glove in one can be used for wet or dry cat grooming.

The Cat grooming glove is designed to gently remove any dirt or shed fur from your cat. 
Regular grooming helps to reduce shedding in cats! And this cat brush has the added bonus of giving your cat a soothing kitty-cat massage.

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Your cat will thank you – and so will all your black clothes!

It’s One Size Fits Most


Are you TIRED of having pet hair all over your floor and couches?

Sick of STRUGGLING to get your cat to sit while grooming them?

Imagine when you’re doing your daily floor sweep and there it is, a huge pile fur, enough to give to your grandma so she can knit you a sweater.

Oh, How FRUSTRATING. I know what goes through your mind, what can I possibly do to get rid of all this fur!?!

Well don't worry! we’ve got the SOLUTION for you!

Ultimate Cat Grooming Glove!

This glove EASILY collects the shedding hairs of your cat in the most CONVENIENT way possible. 
Simply pet your cat or other furry friend and watch it's super soft and small bristles COLLECT ALL THE HAIRS!

Your CAT will LOVE the CAT Grooming Glove!

It mimics the loving touch of your hand and feels just like a RELAXING MASSAGE.

Equipped with 255 soft silicone grooming tips that get in between hair and fur with ease. As you groom your cat, the loose hair builds up and sticks to the glove, making it EASY to peel off and throw away.

Minimize shedding and keep your house clean with the Cat Grooming Glove. Great for all cat and livestock breeds!

The Cat Grooming Glove is a REVOLUTIONARY concept that reaches far beyond the traditional curry combs and shedders on the market today while providing you and your animals with a more thorough and ENJOYABLE grooming experience.

The nodules on the fingers and palms provide a deep thorough de-shedding.

Another added benefit is your pet's hair does not stick to the Cat Grooming Glove; just a simple flick of the wrist and the hair instantly releases so you can go right back to caring for your animal.

And guess what? No more hassling your cat to get groomed, with this design it’s a lot more comfortable and your pet won’t even notice your grooming them



  • Cat massage mimics the touch of your hand for a soft and relaxing massage;
  • These flexible, slip-on grooming gloves allow you to brush away dirt, dander and loose hair from cats, dogs and other livestock.
  • Massage the skin with a shiny, healthy topcoat.
  • Removing hair not only helps reduce dander and allergens in the air, it stimulates skin oils, circulation and improves coat softness and shine



  • Great pet hair remover for all sizes and breeds; Quickly, gently and effectively
  • Hair sticks to glove, simply peel hair off & throw away hair after dog and cat grooming; Pet Grooming Glove
  • Removes all that shedding Hair! 


  • Bathe the pets in this glove, which will clean the pet hair easily and give your pets a gentle massage for out hurting their skin.
  • Promote blood circulation, thoroughly clean the skin, each hair moisture, promote metabolism.



  • Easily contours to reach all the places hair hides, behind their legs, under their chest, in their tails, and around their face.
  • Perfect for all dogs, cats & horses for long & short fur. Great Choice of Pet Grooming Glove.



The gloves can be worked as Bathing Gloves, De-shedding Gloves, Massage Gloves, Grooming Gloves, Comb or Brush for Horse, Dogs, Cats or other breeds.

We are POSITIVE your cute furry pet will LOVE the Ultimate Cat Grooming Glove!

Now my only question is this: What are you WAITING for?


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